Let's Pray Together

God loves us, cares for us and wants a RELATIONSHIP with us.  Our conversations with God through prayer are a key part of building that relationship with our Father.  Please join us in praying for our church, community and world.  We also lift up these special prayer requests below. 


If you have a prayer request to share, please email holmesgroveis4u@gmail.com. Our pastor also welcomes your call or email, and the opportunity to pray for you.  Thank you.

Praying hands.jpg

Pray for Sheila and her family which lost their beloved uncle.

Pray for India and other Covid ravaged countries.

Pray for Israel and other war torn countries.


Pray that Connie and her group home will be protected from the corona virus.  Pray for all group homes.

Pray for Jolie and the retirement home she manages.  Pray for all rehabilitation and retirement facilities.

Pray for Peggy's husband that comfort and healing will be provided.

Pray for our pastor, Rev. Dr. Bonnie Harris.

Pray for Carolyn's brother, Robert, who lives in a nursing &  rehab center.  He continues to need our prayers.

Pray for our world, justice, equality, peace and protection of the peaceful protestors and our law enforcement officers.

Pray for our school staff, teachers and administrators; restaurant workers, grocery store workers; healthcare & emergency personnel; local, state, national and world leaders; and all on the front lines of this pandemic.

Pray for our nursing and group home patients and clients, staff and administrators.

Pray for those battling the Covid 19 virus and their families and caregivers.

Pray for those who feel alone and in despair.  We pray they will know that Jesus loves them and they are not alone.

Pray for those who have lost jobs and need finances and food.